Inca, Tailor, Soldier, Spy….

… yep, we need to start thinking about what jobs we’re going to do!

But, that said, right now we feel like the Inca confronting the onslaught of Western disease… a failure. Jim has some sort of gastroenteritis and has been in bed for 3 days… and I have been struck down by cold, barely functioning. Can’t believe it. Just when we should be gearing up to get jobs, flat, money etc sorted, we have had to take a moratorium from life to try and make bodies healthy again.

You may think there is some sort of causation here (job search vs stay in bed?). I, like you, think that its probably stressful coming home, that there will be the usual ‘back-from-holiday-blues’ – depression that the fun is over, freedom curtailed, that the slavery is about to recommence and the tyranny of the work/life balance will resume. All the classic ingredients for a dose of germ warmfare, where the germs win. I have often heard that travellers find it hard to adjust on their return.

But really we haven’t been here long enough to have any negativity about homecoming, its exciting to be back, full to the brim with amazing memories and with dreams of a different adventure with different jobs still intact. Illness is a blip, just an unexpected and unlucky first challenge.

Plus, it has been the most glorious weather. We have a garden full of spring flowers, blue skies and temperatures up to 25 degrees. We’re still on holiday.

We did manage to squeeze in a lovely day at my Godson’s Christening before illness took hold….

It was such an honour to be reading vows to support and mentor, like my Mother had before me for my Godson’s father…  and I can tell you that its nice to be awarded things on someone else’s merit!! ha ha ha. Mum got a namecheck in the speech to thank everyone at the Christening for coming, crediting her GMA prowess, as of course she fully deserves. Actually, I’m reliably informed that the reason I was chosen was “You’re funny and you’re close” (apart from the last 5 months (!) ….when I really haven’t been very funny).

Great day – champagne (oh how I have missed you!), so much food, catching up with family and friends, meeting some new folk. It was the first (and, I expect, the last) time someone has met me and said “Oh, you’re Emily from Jimily… I’ve read your blog!”. Fairly scary.

My Godson is a cool little dude. Not sure he loved the hand of God (via Vicar) but definitely enjoyed the hand of bread he had all day whilst trooping around after the older kids, intent on joining in. Amazed that his white suit lasted the day… early sartorial skillz.

I did bring a few little bits back in the ol’ backpack as pressies for him….

It gives me immense pleasure to be able to tell you that we rushed back from a World Tour to deliver your Aston Martin to your door on your special day… let’s hope this isn’t the last time I say this! *wink wink* “

….. but I’m trying to conjure a fantastic idea for something a little more enduring. Ideas in comments please! 😉

Jim’s idea of support with card writing:

“Jim, I need your help please”
“C’mon Em!!! You can do it!!!”

Cooked up a roast the day after to thank parents for hosting the Jimily Roadshow – and satisfy 5 month long cravings for corn fed chicken, red cabbage and roast potatoes! And the Roadshow has since descended into Quarantine – 2 sick patients holed up in sick bay, ploughing through tissues and tablets. Despite this I have managed to visit my flat one day to check there isn’t a recurrence of the leak, and joined in pub lunch and cake with family on the most beautiful sunny day for Mum’s birthday… but otherwise pretty brain dead.

At the table eating pub grub for Ma’s BD:

“Well, they’ve got something in the Men’s toilets that I haven’t seen for a long time”
“A condom machine?”
“Yes, a vending machine with all sorts of flavours and options!”
“And when I went I noticed there’s one other thing… Nurofen”
“Ha ha, so if you buy the condom but she still refuses saying ‘I’ve got a headache’, you have an answer!”
“… oh, and there were mints!”

Jim’s comment on reading this conversation:

“‘Well, they’ve got something in the Men’s toilets that I haven’t seen for a long time’???… that could have been anything couldn’t it? Ha ha ha. ‘Have you lost weight’?”

So, I haven’t had the time nor inclination to post our final blogs about travelling – “The Jimilys” and some reflections for anyone considering travel (which I can imagine you’re all eagerly awaiting!)… –  let alone start that job hunt!

Tomorrow… there’s always tomorrow.

Here’s a final thought on Jimily’s return from….







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