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Awards. Yep, we’ve become ‘awards’. ‘wards of the court’ you may assume, but, no, what we have done is make some nominations for the Best Bits of Latin America. And chosen the winners. We’re not just the award, but also the judge and jury.

Hmmm, sounding a little megalomaniacal.

Shhh!!! No criticism is allowed in Jimiland. Keep quiet or forfeit your place in this community!

Welcome to the jimily.


Now, imagine red carpets, gold envelopes and lengthy victory speeches … here we go:

Best Conversation

Panama, 18th January: Isla Colón, Bocas del Toro.

Jill E Bean and the intricacies of “Professional Tickling”

Best Meal

There are LOTS of runners up here (tortillas in Mexico, humus in Guatemala, noodles in El Salvador, fresh lobster and crab in San Blas, ceviche in Lima), but the winners are:

Emily: Peru, 18th March: comida tipica with local Chivay lady

Jim: Bolivia, 8th March: Argentinian Steak in La Paz

.. neither of which we have photos of, too interested in the food!

Best Pudding

Peru, 27th March: Meringue Lips at Tanta, Lima

Best Drink

Peru, 21st March: Pisco Sours at El Albergue, Ollantaytambo

Beautiful bombs of fury. More, more, more.

Best Fruit

Peru, 18th March: Sancayo in Chivay

Like a sour kiwi fruit. Also makes an excellent sour cocktail when combined with pisco!

Best Journey

Guatemala, 25th November: Journey to Semuc Champey – both the Best and the Worst!

Normal for 2 hours, uncertain for 6 hours, over excited for 6 hours, absolutely soaked to the bone and freezing for 4 hours.

Best Border Crossing

Special Mention: Costa Rica; The bridge to Panama….

“2 stars, half-board. The Costa Rica -> Panama border, a precarious set of planks over a river (plus the bridge was a bit worn).”

Winner: Panama, 26th January; San Blas Islands boat trip to Colombia

Absolute paradise; tiny islands of white sand, azure water and reef – each with just a few Kuna huts and a bar. What a great way to border.

Best Beach/Sea

Tough one…. Runner Up is Panama, 24th January: Kuandiup

Perfect. Just perfect. Just a little too perfect – judging by the ferries now pulling up.

Winner: México, 10th Nov; Tulum

Bike there, azure sea, short trees to give shade and somewhere to hang your things, white/ fine grain sand, not much visible in the tree line but palm trees… oh please take me back!

Best Sunset

El Salvador, 31st December: El Tunco. Absolutely no doubt…

Best Accommodation

Emily: Nicaragua, 4th Jan: Hotel Cacique Adiact in Léon – what a relief!!

Jim: Peru, 26th March: 2nd Lima Apartment – for cost, location, comfort, wifi, TV channels, pool/sunbathing etc

Best Ruins

Peru, 22nd March: There can be only one…. Machu Picchu of course!

Total disbelief the entire time you are there.

Best Travelling Tip

  • Russ: Pack light. You really won’t need it – there are plenty of cheap laundries & you can buy whatever you need (within reason)
  • Chris: Find the menu del dia
  • Chris: If there’s one thing you put on your credit card, make it the Galápagos
  • Vicky: Use clothes with closeable pockets (buttons/zips etc) – very useful when you don’t want to carry a bag around.
  • Vicky: Vacuum pack bags

Best Joke

“No one likes a smartarse Emily. Apart from me, apparently.”

We all know who said this, no need for more credit.

Funniest Moment

Serendipity in action.

Best City

Peru, 13th March: Lima

Lima, Lima, Lima… love love love.

Chilled, warm, great food, great drinks, cheap, on the coast… Don’t much like cities when travelling, but Lima is an exception.

Best Experience

Ecuador, 16th February: Galàpagos Cruise

This. This. THIS!!! If you ever get the opportunity, don’t just try and grab it… run towards it and tackle it to the ground, pin it down and make it surrender!

Best Blog

My favourite is the reflection on Galápagos and why it’s so special 

But how about you, what’s yours?






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